Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings. 

Finding the perfect wedding rings can be a very enjoyable experience. A chance to get creative and design something that represents your life together. I have put together a few tips to help you create the ring of your dreams..


• Style: Why not try Something Different. What brings you both together. Maybe we can represent this in the rings. You will be surprised how effortlessly ideas start to flow and take shape once we start chatting.

• Recycled Gold: Recycled Gold is made up of old jewellery or old electronics. The metal is tested, melted at over 1000 degrees Celsius and refined down to original pure gold (24 karat). The Gold is again tested and then alloyed under strict European Hallmark laws. It’s time to use the gold that we have instead of endless mining and poisoning the earth!

• Narrowing down your choice is easy. What colour gold do you like? Do you prefer things that are matt or highly polished. With or without a Gemstone? If you choose to go with a gemstone we have many here to inspire.

• Which Finger? In Austria the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger on the right hand. In other countries its worn on the left. These days its a case of personal choice.

Josh O’ Shea